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Roni Simpson



Roni Simpson is a young entrepreneur who is taking the news world by storm. This writer/reporter has gained over four years of experience in the industry of entertainment. Roni had the ability to attain greater knowledge and skills from KTLA, Fox News, The Dr. Phil Show, Entertainment Tonight, and CNN. Roni has also studied social media, mass comm, and magazine writing overseas in Florence, Italy. It is her goal to feed your entertainment news hunger, by keeping you informed. 

Dolores Williams


Director of Operations and Marketing

Dolores Williams has a vast amount of experience in event planning, previously overseeing fashion shows, fellowships for women, and several fundraisers. Williams is a humanitarian to say the least. She spends time monthly in the impoverished areas of Los Angeles feeding the less fortunate, and visits a Drug Recovery Center each week to counsel women. Williams’ goal is to ensure the public receives accurate and interesting stories from the ronireports website, and she is dedicated to making a household name.

Kendra Beltran


Contributing Writer 

Socially awkward with a notebook and a pen. Kendra’s a small town girl amidst the hustle and bustle of the city commuting from the depths of the valley to the beaches of Santa Monica daily. Music is her lover. TV is her soul mate. She’d rather go to a concert or stay in and watch primetime than go out and meet breathing life forms because the men and women on the stage and on TV are less likely to give her a headache and chit chat with her about meaningless activities she doesn’t understand. Sometimes you just have a gut feeling as to what you’re supposed to be doing, and right now Kendra’s gut is saying go with the flow; take what you can get at the moment and run with it because it might not be there tomorrow.

Linda Cauthen


Contributing Writer

Linda Cauthen has lived in the Hollywood area for years and is totally plugged into the world of show business. Linda has blogged for several celebrity-related sites and is always tuned into the latest news in gossip, entertainment and style. She’s an expert in the fields of Hollywood history and country music, old and new. In addition, Linda has a long history in writing about beauty, travel and other lifestyle subjects for both print and internet. She’s also very interested in technology and has blogged for sites on iPhone and iPad.



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