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If you watch this video. You’ll see why Beyonce is and will always be my role model.


Bethany Hamilton’s arm was taken off by a shark on Halloween of 2003. She started back surfing on Thanksgiving of 2003. She still competes, and still lives life with only ONE arm. Many of us want to give up on our dreams, because we have a few bumps in the road. Bethany lost an entire arm, and kept going right along with life. She used her story to touch lives all over the world. Her tragedy led her to fulfill a greater purpose, and her family gives all the glory to Jesus Christ. He is what gave them the strength to move on.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.”-Robert Frost

Do you want to know why Kobe‘s the best?

The LA Lakers suffered a disappointing loss against the Miami Heat, finishing with a score of 94-88. Kobe started off on top, but ended up having several bad plays that may have cost them the win. Kobe was only 6-for-18 in his jump shots. However, after the game Kobe stayed on the court constantly practicing on his shots. Many of the people stayed behind watching, and tweeting things like:

“Kobe put himself through a 1.5hr workout after every1 left the arena. He’s not THAT GUY by accident. #DEDICATION”

“Love that Kobe stayed and shot for an hour after losing. AN HOUR. When the Heat lose, they cry. When Kobe loses, he gets better. #Lakers”

“Kobe’s been going for over an hour now on AA Arena floor, covering every spot on the floor with jumpers. He’s out beyond 3-point line now.”

When Kobe was asked why he stayed behind shooting jumpers, he replied:

“I had some things to work on.”

He told another reporter through text:

“I want what all men want. I just want it more.”

J. Cole

J.Cole. His music and words speak to my soul. Read a little of his story.

…let me be an inspiration to you…if you believe in yourself that you truly have the talent, you can do it. No matter how broke you are, no matter how bleak the situation might seem. Everything falls into place when you have faith in yourself.  – J. Cole


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