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Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper Together Again, Saldana Gets Petitioned


Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper seem to be happier than ever and back together.

After a break up back in March and an awkward attempt to promote their movie The Words together, the two actors have mended their relationship. The pair were spotted last weekend in Hollywood after watching The Master at the ArcLight Cinema.

The two looked casual and comfy as they strolled through the parking lot, Cooper’s arm tossed over Saldana in a cutesy way. Zoe has starred in movies like Avatar, had a budding modeling career, and is dating People’s “Sexiest Man Alive”…What more could she ask for?

Well it’s not a pile of controversy, that’s for sure, but she has that too.

When word got out that Saldana had been cast as Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic, there was a lot of outrage. People believe Saldana is too light skinned to play the singer/civil rights activist. It opened up that can of worms that Hollywood always leans towards the lighter skinned black actresses.

You’d think it’d just end with some internet fury, but nope. A petition has been started to get the producers to cast a woman who shares more of Simone’s physical traits, darker skin primarily. The petition starts with a simple to the point, “Replace Zoe Saldana with an actress who actually looks like Nina Simone.”

Saldana hasn’t spoken publicly about any of this, but in true 2012 fashion, she did take to Twitter. Only this time she simply retweeted someone else to showcase her inner thoughts:

@pam_aquino: omg I just got the petition for someone “blacker” than @zoesaldana to play Nina Simone.. Reverse racism at its best

Guess you can’t have it all when you’re Zoe Saldana. On one hand she’s with Bradley Cooper…and on the other, people want her out of a movie because of her skin color. 

What do you think? Should someone else play Nina Simone?? 


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