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Frank Ocean Releases Rap Song, What Do You Think??

Frank Ocean Rap Song


Frank Ocean is one of the best thing’s that this generation’s music has to offer. Everyone likes those catchy pop songs often heard on the radio and in nightclubs, but it’s not everlasting music. The older generation has classics from the likes of Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Patti LaBelle, and more….that they’ve been listening to longer than some of us have been alive. It’s kind of a scary thought that we have no real music that we’ll be able to grow old listening to, but instead are stuck with only the hits of the moment. 

Frank Ocean might just be the exception. One can tell his songs are not simply made for the radio, but are born from genuine love and passion for music. Ocean is extremely creative with lyrics that we don’t always understand, but can somehow always feel. I had the opportunity to witness a Frank Ocean concert over the weekend in New York City…it was amazing to say the least. This young artist is going places. 

With that said, take a listen to Ocean’s first rap track. The lyrics are a bit confusing, just as they are on most of his songs. However, I’d say he did a pretty good job. You be the judge:

Read lyrics below: 

Tropical vibe, coconut milk and shaved ice
My so glow with the low cut
No jheri curl, jerry rice
Boogie board on the rip tide
Parasail and deep dive, don’t think twice
Your little baby bone boy killin me
Swearin’ he’s grown and he’s got that skill
But he ain’t swim with that blue whale
I ain’t swim with that hoe neither
Earl said that world real
Sit back and watch the water
Hope the monster don’t wag his tale
And send that big wave over while
I’m showin off my pirate girl
To the baddies walkin by me

Showin skin because its nothing
My little brother servin’ molly
Because that bill due Monday
And my passports buried
And my home town flooded
With just a little bit of water
But my shoes still muddy

And if I ever have a daughter
I wonder what I could call her?
Nine months after I fuck on the beach
I guess I call her karma
Copped a jet ski with the booster seat
I’m kidding but I’m ballin’
Just playin’ but I’m serious
I’m wit it and I’m wildin

This life goes on man that’s one thing about it
This life goes on dawg thats one thing about it
I’m feelin’ what your sayin’, you’re trying to get around it
But life goes on pimpin, the wise don’t doubt it

Stuck in the sky, first time upside down, on the whole ride
And I wasn’t much into the type, that my bros like
So I never really had no wife and that’s alright
Black women ain’t got no man
That’s what she said to me, yeah she did
But she can date outside your race, I mean
I ain’t supposed to show my love
Judge gotta like my case I mean
Somebody please switch my plates
Ship my car to Rome
5k on the wheels, still ain’t ridin chrome
Back pack rapper skills, veteran nigga deal
So let a relevant nigga do, what a relevant nigga feel
Let a regular nigga judge, because his gavel fake and he regular still
How that gravel taste? how you paid your medical bills?
Sands white on my tan feet
Coliseum in the back seat
Straw hut where the beach be
Like screen saver when your mac sleep
I ain’t racing no fuckin’ rats
Im relaxing
And if its wrong to yah

Well life goes on brother, thats one thing about it
Life goes on my nigga one thing about it
I’m sayin’ what you’re seein’, we trying to talk around it
But life goes on pimpin, the wise don’t doubt it


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