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Britney Spears’ X Factor Debut Doesn’t Impress Many



Britney Spears makes her judging debut on FOX’s The X Factor and it doesn’t impress many.

When Simon Cowell left American Idol to bring The X Factor over from the UK to the US, many thought he’d take a huge part of the Idol audience with him since his rude comments were always a top reason to tune in. That wasn’t the case when X Factor’s first season didn’t do as well as he wanted. So with the help and hype of new judges like Disney’s latest rehab attendee, Demi Lovato, and pop icon Britney Spears, Cowell set expectations high; everyone did.

Expectations weren’t exactly met though. Fact about The X Factor? It still failed to deliver high markings in the ratings, despite having Spears. Both The Voice and America’s Got Talent trumped FOX’s singing competition this week. Was Britney really expected to save that show?

The country gal, who is usually sweet and calm in interviews, was a feminine Cowell as she was as sassy as the British man to her left. Spears proved that she’s not that innocent and can handle the pressure of dishing out the truth. She might be a once bubblegum starlet, but she’s not sugarcoating her words when it comes to the talent and lack thereof that take The X Factor stage.

Spears is just giving the audience what Cowell promised, “You’re going to see Britney, and Demi, unfiltered.”

And while Britney and Co. weren’t a hit as far as TV ratings go, they scored big online with both Britney and Demi garnering 1.4 million Tweets and Facebook statuses. Congratulations on that, but Cowell’s probably not seeing that as a huge milestone.


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