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Tamar Braxton, Katie Holmes, and More at NY Fashion Week!

Everyone who’s anyone comes out for New York’s Fashion Week! It’s the Super Bowl of designer clothing, and it’s an opportunity for celebrities to scout out what they’ll be wearing come award season, show off their own lines, or just enjoy the world of fashion.

Katie Holmes hasn’t been making much noise since her recent high profile divorce from Tom Cruise, or since that article came out about the Church of Scientology auditioning wives for him back in the day, but she came out of her shell for the sake of fashion. Holmes, along with her longtime stylist, Jeanne Yang, showed off their line Holmes & Yang. They opted to do things the nontraditional way without a catwalk and opted for 14 glamorous models on pedestals.



Some people were just there as spectators like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. The couple sat in style at the Michael Kors Fashion Show. The two were seen chit chatting with fellow patrons at the show. But something tells me Douglas probably could care less about what Catherine chooses to wear, if you catch my drift…



The youngest of the Braxton Family Values clan, Tamar Braxton did her thing on the runway as the finale to ELLE/Style360′s “Front Row Couture” Show. The spotlight is a good thing since she’s getting her own spin-off show later this month on WeTV called, Tamar & Vince.

Kylie Jenner Avril Lavigne

Source: LA Times

Kylie Jenner might’ve never checked to see if it was okay…she was representing her brother’s ex-girlfriend Avril Lavigne’s line Abbey Dawn at New York Fashion Week, but who knows if he’d even care now that Avril is engaged to Nickelback’s Chad Kroger. Still in shock over that couple…



Lil Kim is a fashionista always and forever, despite her faces ever changing ways…that’s why she was pegged to perform at Open Ceremony’s 10th Anniversary party last night. Cameras caught her looking good, while mixing designers in Ralph Lauren with Versace shoes.


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