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Amanda Bynes Gets Pulled Over While Driving Without a License

amanda bynes 2012


Amanda Bynes is still at large on the streets of Los Angeles, despite having her driver’s license yanked last week, so L.A. motorists beware. 

The washed-up former teen star has been involved in several traffic-related incidents recently, including two hit-and-runs and an arrest for DUI, so it’s no surprise that her license was suspended. Unfortunately for everyone else on the road, the actress isn’t letting a little thing like that stop her from driving.

According to TMZ, Bynes was pulled over Sunday night in L.A. for driving without her lights on, but got away with just a verbal warning. Huh? How does she keep getting away with this stuff? If the rest of us drove like she does, we’d be rotting in jail and losing our licenses for life.

Let’s hope someone at the LAPD and CHP puts out a warning not to let Bynes slip away with this kind of thing again. If this disaster-on-wheels keeps driving recklessly, there’s going to be a serious accident, and innocent people could be hurt. If losing her license isn’t the wake-up call Bynes needs, maybe a little time in jail will do it.

Amanda seems to be a mini-Lohan in the making. Get it together. 


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