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Randy Travis Gets Busted – Again

randy-travis-in trouble again


It’s too bad today’s sterile corporate country radio won’t play songs about drinkin’ and cheatin’ no more, since fading star Randy Travis has enough material for a hit that could put George Jones to shame. For the third time this year, the former hit maker has run afoul of the law.

About 1 a.m. this morning, police were called to a church parking lot in Plano, Texas, where they found an altercation in progress involving two men and a woman. The Plano Police Department told TMZ that Travis was cited for simple assault, and they believe he was the main aggressor.

Travis’ lawyer Larry Friedman told the tabloid site a different story, claiming the woman involved was his fiancée, who got into a dispute with her estranged husband, causing Travis to intercede. According to Friedman, “Randy Travis was the only man that came to the rescue … fortunately even today chivalry is not dead.”

Later in the morning, another source told TMZ that Travis’ fiancée and her former hubby were having a disagreement over child visitation when things turned violent and the singer jumped into the fray. The source also insists Travis was not drinking, which conflicts with an earlier report from the scene calling him “extremely intoxicated.”

Whatever really happened, one more arrest does not look good for the singer, who was busted for a DUI earlier this year and was involved in an especially embarrassing incident this month when he crashed his car after walking into a convenience store totally naked and very drunk.

It’s really time for Travis’s friends and family to get him into rehab before it’s too late.


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