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Obama Treats Iowans at State Fair: “Four More Beers, Four More Years!”



President Barack Obama is making his rounds as well as buying them for some lucky State Fair attendees in Iowa.

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan gave a speech at the Iowa State Fair on Monday, but was quickly forgotten about once Obama made an impromptu stop there that evening, then declaring, “Bud lights all around on me!” he sure did know how to win over the voters at Mike’s Tavern beer tent.

Obama talked earlier about how he might make a stop at the Fair, “I think I’m going to end at the State Fair.  Michelle has told me I cannot have a fried Twinkie.  But I will be checking out the butter cow and I understand this year there’s a chocolate moose.”

If you’re 18 and older, you can vote for him, but you had to of course be 21 or older to receive one of the free beers Obama paid for. That’s if you were lucky enough to pass the security clearance to get in. Obama didn’t get too spending crazy, but did dish out the cash for 12 beer tickets, two for himself and ten for customers. So those 10 people can now say, “Yeah, one time Obama bought me a drink…No big deal.”

With the excitement of a president and the amount of beer being downed, this prompted a chant of “Four more years” and “Four more beers.” Maybe Obama will adopt that for this year’s campaign?


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