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Lady Gaga Dazzles on Vogue Cover, Talks Dancing Topless

Lady Gaga looks every inch the regal pop diva on the September cover of Vogue, but in the story on the inside, she reveals that she enjoys having fun, just like any other 20-something year old.

The singer calls herself a “complete free spirit” and says, “I still find time to have sex at night on the beach when no one’s around. Or roll into a bar and get f***ed up and dance with my top off. It’s just that no one ever sees that.”

Some people would love to see that! The star added, “I don’t worry about people seeing any of those things… I like to have private moments, but in public!”

It looks like Gaga’s wild days are far from over, according to her future plans. “[I want to] make records and party and screw around and wear fake Chanel. [I’m not looking to] settle down and live in a house yet or anything. I just want to keep riding this rainbow.”

Speaking of rainbows, how about that cover look? Lady Gaga looks totally glamorous in a pink gown by Marc Jacobs and blown-out blonde wig. The pop star tweeted about her cover style: “Who else sees me channeling @RuPaul on the COVER of VOGUE. If only I was as fierce as you b*tch. I did try to come for you with that weave.”

Vogue’s September issue will be out on August 21.


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