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Jordin Sparks-Who Knew?!



Jordin Sparks is hoping to become a household name…again with her major film debut in next week’s Sparkle. It stars the American Idol winner and the late Whitney Houston. Sparks plays “Sparkle,” a young girl trying to make it in the Motown era of music. This music centric film sees Houston as Sparks’ single mother, and will most likely do well due to it being Houston’s last project. But before you check out the film, learn some more about Sparks…

-She became the youngest winner, and the first mixed race person to walk away with the American Idol crown at just 18 years old.

-Sparks won the Phoenix Torrid Search for the Next Plus Size Model in 2006, but in more recent news, she dropped 50lbs from her frame.

-Her father, Phillippi Sparks, is a former NFL star who played eight seasons for the New York Giants and one season for the Dallas Cowboys.

-Sparks auditioned twice for American Idol in 2006. She didn’t make it past the first round in Los Angeles, but she went to Seattle, auditioned again, and made it! 

-According to her mom, Jordin was singing at only 18 months old!

-Sparks may not have gotten the part in Sparkle if her 2008 throat injury took a turn for the worst. Luckily she got better and only had to take a few weeks off.

-She’s worn a purity ring since she was 13 years old, and has spoken openly about sexual choices, “I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It’s not bad to wear a promise ring, because not everybody – guy or girl – wants to be a slut.”


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