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“Thoughts About A Friend Named James Holmes” Former College Roommate Speaks Out

Since last week’s shooting in Colorado, James Holmes has been the number one topic of conversation among pretty much everyone. Majority of what people have said about him has been negative. However, one of Holmes’ former college roommates wants the world to see a side of him that’s different than the one depicted by the media. For all current and former UCR students, this case definitely hit close to home. Read what this young man had to say about the friend that he once knew. 

Thoughts about a friend named James Holmes

Disclaimer: I’m not here to justify the actions of the Aurora shooting. Nothing can warrent such a ridiculous act. Instead, I’m going to give you some background on a side that not even the media has covered. After a few days of digesting this, I decided to write my thoughts about it all and kinda describe what I’ve been thinking.

For those of you who haven’t already known, James (or Jim) was one of my 3 apartment-mates in my second year at UCR. Originally I was assigned to live with James, —- (both lived with each other freshmen year) and someone named —-, who transfered out before the fall, in the newly constructed Glen Mor apartments . During winter quarter, —– moved into the apartment. After the year was over, —- moved out with his friend, —- and I lived in —, and James lived on his own until he graduated. We have seen James randomly throughout campus and lost contact with him after 2010, especially since his facebook was deactived (not that he used it that often anyway).

I had not heard anything about him until Friday morning, when a friend posted about the suspect. I saw the picture without looking at the name and said holy ****, that’s James…I was in disbelief. It took me almost the entire day to really pull myself together…a man who’s responsible for 12 deaths and 50+ injuries was my apartment-mate. My co-workers thought I was lying at first…but seriously how do you make this stuff up? I read all these comments and articles about how much of a monster James is…and I’m mixed with emotions…none of you know him. Everyone’s disrespectful and ****…sure he did a huge crime, but he wasn’t always like this.

James was an introverted guy, no doubt about that. A smart and witty guy who prefered to be doing his own things. He was not a loner; a loner implies that he struggled to make friends and socialize. Instead, he was self-sufficient and independant. He lived his own life, had his own schedule and did it; nothing wrong with that. He would always be in his room with the door open, either doing homework, playing video games, or lying on his bed and stare at the ceiling. When you see him walk by or ride his bike, you can see that he’s in his own zone. The guy loved his solitude, but if you took the effort to get his attention you’d get it. As roommates, we would have to drag him out of his room to work out with us, or watch tv or eat. Nevertheless, he was warm and friendly. He liked listening to trance, he watches comedies such as the office, family guy, simpsons. He even came out a few times to play games with me and —–. He was never good at them, and he played 1/5th of what I used to play. He would always drive me to get groceries or to drive me to metrolink or even san diego when he was going home. The only thing I discovered was that he didn’t like going home and he especially didn’t get along with his little sister because she was bratty, but even then he would never show resentment or hate. This guy is more normal than some people I know right now. If you asked any of my roommates, they would tell you the same thing.

So what happened to this guy? I don’t know…something definitely happened to him from the time we graduated to the shooting. He apparently went to Colorado to get his PHD but he ended up dropping out. I felt no danger living and interacting with him. Hell, a few of my SD friends even stayed over and met him during the SD wildfires. The thing that we can take from all this is that this could happen to anyone. It’s unfortunate that a friend I got to know and bond with is involved with the shooting. It stings…because a vision of someone has been shattered by a crime. I feel bad that I didn’t check up on him after college. I suggest that everyone should check up on their introverted friends and get to know them better. You’ll learn a side that no one knows (remember, they’re misunderstood, not crazy). Maybe you’ll help them deal with something that they’ve been struggling with…because I feel like this could have been avoided if the proper steps were taken.

Hopefully this gives some perspective on the other side of James; my intentions aren’t to change your mind about the crime, but give you some background on an area that isn’t covered. The media does a fantastic job of making him look like a monster…but there’s always two sides of the story. I do thank the people who has been checking up on me. Prayers go out to all the victims and their families, and even James’s family.

I hope we can all move forward and learn from this instead of playing the blame game.


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51 comments on ““Thoughts About A Friend Named James Holmes” Former College Roommate Speaks Out

  1. Lucka Bé
    July 27, 2012

    Thank you for your words and the one and only human attitude to this case.
    Cheers from Czech Republic.

  2. Anonymous
    July 27, 2012

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s very clear that something happened to the shy young man that you and others knew as James Holmes. From the first day that I read the news about the tragedy, my heart has been burdened for him and his family.

    The majority of comments I’ve read have been filled with anger and hatred toward Jimmy. What does that say of a society that’s calling for him to be killed or murdered? Too many are wanting revenge on a young man they don’t know, have never met.

    He is not in his right mind, he’s very sick. No sane person could have or would have committed those acts in the theater that night.

    James needs professional help. His family and friends need to know that everyone doesn’t wish harm on their son and loved one.

    If he were my son, I’d be pleading for help and prayer.

    If one of my loved ones had died that night, I’d be hurt and very angry, but I cannot hate someone whose mind is in such a terrible condition.

    To seek revenge doesn’t bring peace or closure. Forgiveness does.

    He isn’t a monster. He lost his grip on reality. He snapped and the real James may never come back.

    My prayers are with James Eagan Holmes and his family.

    • visionarybee
      July 31, 2012

      You said that no sane person could of done that horrendous act(s). However, a sane person could do that; a sane person who is evil. Some people are born evil. My heart is burdened for all those people who were in that movie theater that night and for their loved ones. I feel badly for his parents and his little sister who must be suffering and probably embarrassed as a result of him. Who knows what that little girls classmates are putting her through. People along life’s way probably will step all over the shy, introverted and socially awkward person. So the person having been treated badly throughout his childhood and adult life might build up anger and hate toward people. But if the shy person is a good person and has good values and/or believes in the teachings of Jesus; that person would most likely never cause people pain or take lives. I think the perpetrator of the nightmare could not have had good values. There’s a good chance he was born evil or born with a severe mental disorder like psychosis (psychopath) – it just didn’t emerge until his 20’s. Either way he must locked up for the rest of his life with no chance of his escaping so he doesn’t have the chance to hurt or murder one more person. Part of me kind of feels badly for him but most of me despises him for what he put all those people through and the pain and suffering many are still going through.

      • melanyrae62
        July 31, 2012

        If he was born evil, I guess that would mean that God made him that way. Perhaps God forgot to act on his values that day?

      • Chiqui
        August 13, 2012

        Visionarybee: How about if he was your son? for sure you would agree with us, right? but instead you are condemning this guy…show us what you have learned, act like a good christian you sound you are, like the religious guy wounded in the Aurora teather that tragic day…he publicly forgave James…he showed that he is a good christian!!! let divine and earth justice decide what to do with him…and try to be a little bit compassive, you never know when you or your loved ones can be in troubles like this, think about it…

        • Lisa S (@thetrueguru)
          August 21, 2012

          Hi again, I been thinking about the kid James Holmes and I was looking at one of his earlier pics of him – I think it was the one you have posted above here. You know he doesn’t look evil at all in this photo. If a person gets psychologically hurt over time from people stepping all over them they can evolve into either an evil person or a person with major mental problems. I think this might have been what happened to JH. It’s a shame he wasn’t getting the help he needed before he acted out. He is probably going through “h” right now. I know there’s no turning back for him but I find myself wishing he wouldn’t of done what he did and that he’d of gotten help before it was to late. He was seeing the psychiatrist but apparently that wasn’t helping him.

    • visionarybee
      July 31, 2012

      If God is out there and I think him and Jesus probably are then God does not forgive everybody. Are you one of the Christians that believes that hell and death will be dumped into the lake of fire for evil person to suffer for all eternity. (?) Now I can’t believe in this kind of forever torment but I do believe there’s some kind of consequences for a doer of evil in this life and in the hereafter (if there is a hereafter). This kid and people like him have to be locked up for the rest of their lives for the protection of others. In a way it would be better if they didn’t get to live because then their would be no chance of them harming even 1 more person or animals/pets. In the old testiment of the Bible God has the Israelites put people who murdered 1 person among other crimes to I suppose to death and not a very pleasant death either. The problem is people like him think they can get away with murder and wickedness. If he and people like him were made an example of then other people would really think twice before they committed acts of violence. If he did this to your child wouldn’t you feel like hunting him down. Criminals know they will just get a slap on the hand these days; they aren’t afraid to commit crimes. The American girl in France – it sure seemed like she took a hand in the murder of that English girl – yet they let her off. She’s free now. The girl who made it so her little 3 year old fell asleep forever – they let her go scott free to. Where’s the justice these days?

      • Anonymous
        August 11, 2012

        Gosh, what happened to Christians following the word of Jesus…one of which was “JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED”?

        Visionarybee, you know nothing about this young man, you are making judgments and assumptions based on what you are being told by the media and the media is all about sensationalism and less and less about truth and integrity.

        Better go study the new testament some more and ask yourself, “WWJD?”

  3. Joy
    July 27, 2012

    I’m so glad to hear a friend speak of James. I cannot imagine what you’re experiencing now. I hope you’re well.

  4. Melany
    July 27, 2012

    Blessings to you for this post. Thank you so much. We don’t know what may have happened. Who knows, maybe he was predisposed to schizophrenia and had a reaction to too many energy drinks before an exam. Or maybe a response to a prescribed antedepressant cocktail. Warm prayers on behalf of you and yours and James and his family.

  5. d
    July 28, 2012

    she didnt write that. she didnt live with him. she is reporting the story.

  6. Kelly
    July 28, 2012

    So many people think he is “faking.” I see an empty face, one who is confused and lost….he does not look at all like the pictures of the younger boy.
    He is 24, the ripe age of schizophrenia. I think this young man needed so much help but it seems he didn’t know where to turn.
    Many things can trigger schizophrenia; smoking, late nights, stress, violent video games, sleep deprivation, poor diet, failure……the list goes on.
    Something somewhere went so terribly wrong; and it is a tragedy for ALL those involved, on all sides.
    Please don’t take this too hard. You were his friend. Friends can only do so much. I pray that God gives you peace, and to all those involved the strength to continue to support one another. Be a light in a world full of darkness.

  7. MichelleH
    July 28, 2012

    The media isn’t at all fair in only presenting James as being an atrocious person. He clearly made a mistake, a big one at that, but that doesn’t make him flawed as a human being. He still deserves to be treated as such. We can have our opinions on the mistake, as negative as they may be, but as you have shown in this article, thd person is not the mistake. We can analyze what may have led to the shooting just as everyone did with Columbine, but ultimately, it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if it is mental illness, stress, life circumstances, etc. As you said, it could happen to anyone.

  8. ronireports
    July 28, 2012

    Thank you all so much for reading. I did attend UCR, but I did NOT live with James Holmes. This was posted by his former roommate on Facebook, and UCR students have been sharing this note throughout our network.

    I do agree that something definitely led up to this violent act and this should push us as people to reach out to others more. We should provide any and everyone around us with love, comfort, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to talk to when needed. We must work together so that something like this never happens again.

  9. Alison
    July 29, 2012

    Are you ALL crazy? Disrespectful to think someone who planned for months to massacre innocent, defenseless people just out to see a movie, killing children and injuring infants, a monster? Sure, I don’t know him. Do I have to know him to think he’s a monster? Of course not. I’m aware of what he has done, he’s a terrorist and doesn’t deserve to live. I’d like to see how much compassion you all would have for him if it had been your loved ones that he so mercilessly took the lives of.

    • mourningdove
      July 30, 2012

      Well, I can say with some certainty that I am not crazy; I think those who knew James, and have written here, have sane viewpoints. His legal team and family need to insist loudly that he have brain imaging scans to determine just what is going on, within his skull. My guess would be that his brain would look like a raging wildfire, gone totally out of control. Brain scans of the schizophrenic mind are easily found on the internet. They give a vivid picture of the damage contained within, and offer clear evidence of disease, for all who want to see physical evidence. Mental illness is especially difficult to understand, as it is initially not physically apparent, such as broken limbs or gaping wounds would be. The damage to the brain is however, very, very real, and can be seen with brain imaging. His family and his therapist have said, and likely will say, nothing. Yet, I am sure there were signs over the years, that “something was not right.” It is nearly impossible to know just what that “something” is, unless one is a trained medical professional, well versed in the diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia. For all we know, he may well have been on some type of medication, and then stopped taking it. This is a common occurence; thus, mentally ill people need an ordered life with careful guidance and a very finely tuned program of appropriate meds, administered with complete regularity. I am not a doctor; simply an ordinary person who has witnessed the life-engulfing disaster of schizophrenia. I have also seen the recovery that can be made with someone so afflicted. My hope is that his legal team is astute enough to demand brain scans to give physical evidence of the possible raging mayhem within James Holmes’ brain.

    • visionarybee
      July 31, 2012

      I agree with you! No person would be that forgiving if they were one of those scared to death persons in the movie theater hiding under their seat praying that they won’t get shot or that they will survive getting shot. And this lady I read about – her boyfriend was holding her side to prevent her insides from spilling out. Isn’t that just one of the most horrible things. That guy was suppose to be brilliant and even studying in the medical field. How is it he couldn’t of know what he was doing to people and the pain he’d be causing them. I think he just didn’t care about people at all. He had (has) no love for his fellow humans. Because of him now we all have to be even more scared of this life.

      • Raniah Abouzedan
        August 6, 2012

        Why be scared….we all die anyway…when you let fear into your life because of something like this it will cripple you to the point of having to no life anyway.

        • visionarybee
          April 15, 2015

          Thanks for your kind words Raniah. I’m sorry your words were written 3 years ago and I just now noticed them. I appreciate your words; thank you. And I agree with you.

  10. mourningdove
    July 30, 2012

    Thanks for this writing; so helpful to hear from someone who knew him. His story hits home; I have a son his age. Also, have a relative diagnosed with schizophrenia; her symptoms presented much the same way, as James’ apparently have. This illness IS debilitating and horrific; no two ways about it. While it is not a proven fact yet that this is indeed his diagnosis, it certainly appears that mental illness plays a large role here, for him. I have read some accounts of his earlier years, and feel such sorrow, that his life has unfolded this way. I only want to say, that with time, medication, appropriate and continual medical care, and keen counseling, it may be possible for James to indeed become much more like the former person you knew in earlier days. I can see there was a good and decent person there, back in the day. If ever there was a very strong reason to improve the care and treatment of the mentally ill in this country, James’ case is most certainly the one…’s way, way past time for the President and Congress to make diagnosis and treatment of mental illness a major priority in this country.

  11. Anonymous
    August 1, 2012

    How stupid can u be? The guy is clearly a monster. End of

  12. Terry
    August 2, 2012

    Wow. An important perspective. Thanks for posting this. Perspective reminds us to be understanding, to be compassionate in our lives.

  13. Anonymous
    August 2, 2012

    I disagree with you saying that you should “check up on your introverted friends” … just because someone is introverted does not mean they are going to do something like this.

    • Nym
      August 10, 2012

      Damn skippy. And just because they’re introverted doesn’t mean they need chipper type-A people “making sure they’re okay” all the time either.

  14. Jason
    August 3, 2012

    James is innocent, this was a CIA operation, they have done this before, making innocent people appear to be killers to fit their agenda.
    They generally use loner quiet types as less people know them and they are less of a liability. Google MK Ultra, they have done it before and will do it again.
    The reasons being that James’s father was about to present a highly sophisticated code in court, that shows where the mission trillions went from the government, it shows who’s bank accounts the money went to. This would be putting some very very powerful rich people in prison hence why they did this.
    So please think for yourself before believing what comes out of the news as the media is controlled by the perpetrators.

    • visionarybee
      August 13, 2012

      well the police caught him red-handed so how can you say he didn’t do it?

      • visionarybee
        August 13, 2012

        And the evidence speaks for itself.

      • LB
        August 13, 2012

        Red handed? Then where’s the security camera footage and finger prints etc?

      • Jenna Newbery
        August 20, 2012

        Caught red-handed? The fact is that you only know what the media is telling you. Don’t you think the CIA are capable of manipulating the situation and/or the media? The CIA, the police and the media could all be lying about Holmes being caught red-handed, they have done it before. You seriously can’t trust everything that you read in the newspapers and hear on the news. We are constantly being lied to. This is why we need to ask questions and do our own research because if we didn’t, it would be very easy for authorities to pull the wool over our eyes.

        I strongly suggest people start researching MK Ultra and Monarch programming. I strongly believe that Holmes was a victim of MK Ultra. It is well-known, and there is documented evidence (proof) that the CIA conducted MK Ultra and Monarch programming experiments in the 60’s and there is a lot of evidence that supports the theory that it is still going on today. A lot of evidence.

        Anyone who is familiar with MK Ultra and Monarch programming can clearly see that James Holmes is a victim of MK Ultra. It’s obvious. Please, please, please people, do some research and ask questions. Don’t just assume that what you hear on the news is the truth. It is very easy to lie to the masses through the media when the masses blindly follow the media without asking questions.

      • tom
        September 10, 2012

        Because they stumbled across a semi-sedated James donning a gas mask in the parking lot – not running-not nervous – as would anyone would be AND…none of the people in the theatre can identify him or even mention “red hair”. I assure you, if I am being shot at, I will remember the identity -even in a movie theatre.

  15. LB
    August 7, 2012

    Thank you for sharing this! And I don’t care who thinks I’m crazy…. but to this day I
    Don’t think James Holmes did it! I think he’s covering up for someone else. I’m not saying he’s innocent….but if you actually take the time to read the incident timeline and listen to police radio tapes, he was NOT alone and quite frankly I’m pretty confident he was NOT the shooter. Nothing adds up, I hope the truth comes out and James starts talking or someone else comes forward. Praying for the victims, their families, James and the Holmes family….

    • mourningdove
      August 10, 2012

      I felt the same, that it was possible James was NOT the shooter; one photo changed my mind. Someone posted James’ “Official” Mug Shot…NOT the one of him in the orange jumpsuit, but another, showing him in a blue&white plaid shirt, against the backdrop of a height chart, and holding the “booking frame” in front of him, with his name, and prisioner number. There was no profile shot, as is common with an official mug shot. (I have tried to locate it again, but can no longer find it.)There were SO many references to “a guy in a blue and white plaid shirt” by witnesses, and I believe it was also mentioned in the audio clips of the dispatch info, on YouTube. So, I still maintain there was at least another shooter..maybe more. While James may have done some of the shooting, I don’t think the bulk of it came from him. Witnesses say “the shooter was walking up and down the aisles screaming at people to stand up”, etc….others say “he said not a word.” From all of the statements about how James was a person who said very little, mostly ALL the time, I would think he may have been the quiet one, but not the one screaming at people. Of course, just speculation….This mystery of this shooter in a “blue and white plaid shirt” really is confusing.
      Another strange circumstance, to me, is the apparent [lack of] family connection. OK…no 24 year old guy is going to want to be closely connected to his family, when he moves a few states away, and begins a new life..that is perfectly understandable. BUT, as it took him a few months to prepare for this mayhem (supposedly) I think it is weird that he seemingly, had no family connection at least, within that..say….3 month period of time. Even if you’re not close with family, I would guess you would have SOME, even brief, connection with your son, if you’re the parent, just to make sure all’s well, if nothing else. It doesn’t have to be a big *heart-to-heart” conversation, but it seems out of the ordinary to me that there seems to be very little family involvement, here. Of course, I don’t know the family. Maybe that is just an illusion that is apparent, this date. If the gag order is lifted, (and I was surprised/glad the motion to lift, wasn’t rejected right off the bat, on Thursday), hopefully some real info will be released.

      • LB
        August 10, 2012

        If you find that picture again can you post the link on here? I’m trying to find it now, not getting anywhere! I didn’t even know they had a picture of him other than that one mug shot. Your right the blue plaid thing is weird…. Especially since that was what a lot of people said the shooter was wearing. Why do they have all this stuff under wraps?!

        • mourningdove
          August 10, 2012

          Yeah, be glad to post the link if I can find…I have searched so many of the sites I went to, originally..and ….nothing. Wondering if it might have been one of the conspiracy theory websites… or Maybe….the reason it caught my attention was because I thought that the supposed mug shot (in the orange jumpsuit) was THE mugshot. The person who debunked that myth said that an official mugshot would have a height indicator as the backdrop, a profile photo as well as “face-on” and the accused would be holding the frame with his name and prisoner number. When I saw the mugshot of James in the “blue and white plaid shirt” and I remembered all of the witness accounts of a shooter wearing that shirt, I thought, “OMG; he must have been in that theater.”

        • mourningdove
          August 21, 2012

          To update…I did finally locate the photo I spoke of earlier, only to find it was photoshopped. SO it was not real, after all. Its creator did state that many who saw it, thought it was the real thing…I was glad to find out that was not the case. If you still want to see it, go to “” and locate page 27 in the archive.
          Am still following James’ case very closely; still have many questions, as we all do. Thought at first that he was so non-responsive in his court appearances, due to a combo of withdrawal from Vicodin, or possibly other prescription drugs, and schizophrenia and other mental illness. As of this date, I’m not so sure. Reason being, it’s been a month since the tragedy, and he is still completely non-responsive with no affect, in court. I would think after a month, he would begin to show some “awareness” of surroundings, even if he were obviously hallucinating, or delusional; talking, making no sense, or talking to himself, etc. Point is, he has little more than a vacant stare in the courtroom. It is as if James is just “not there.” His body is in the chair, but his mind seems simply gone, or somehow suspended, and removed from reality. Maybe shock, or being catatonic, I am not sure, but I feel like some kind of brainwashing/mind-alteration is what we are seeing.

  16. Patricia
    August 7, 2012

    I totally agreee with Jason, I really believe there is much more behing this story..

    • Chiqui
      August 13, 2012

      I Do think the same…for a crazy reason I think he didn’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. MildredKemp
    August 10, 2012

    I love this. thanks for sharing this article. Awesome!

  19. Anonymous
    August 11, 2012

    James Holmes was just a patsy, never forget.

    • Anonymous
      August 12, 2012

      Yup a patsy to distract the masses from the bankers.. just research what his father was going to do to the banks before this happened. Wonder why hes not going to court against liptor now?. Another patsy for the true sociopaths, pathetic bankers.

  20. D.C.
    August 12, 2012
  21. mourningdove
    August 13, 2012

    Soooo, the gag order remains in place, for the most part…only a small part of it was lifted, not really amounting to much of anything. This is building into a very secretive, very clandestine case….I have to wonder now, how much influence Robert Holmes is having on these proceedings…he’s not just your average nobody on the street. He’s a pretty influential guy ; it’s not just anybody who appears before a Congressional subcommittee to testify on an issue. Don’t know if he is exerting any influence over what is happening, but there is so much that is being hidden from the public, I just have to wonder what is really going on behind the scenes….

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  23. Jenna Newbery
    August 17, 2012

    I believe that James Holmes is a victim of MK Ultra/Monarch programming. I find it very interesting how this tragedy and other shooting tragedies are all happening around the same time that \”the powers that be\” are trying to ban guns. Doesn\’t anyone find this whole thing highly suspicious? James Holmes was just a puppet, there is someone hidden to us that is pulling his strings. Why can\’t people see that? Somebody behind the scenes has an agenda, and they are using James Holmes as a tool.

    I personally am highly suspicious about this whole tragedy. I really believe that there is a whole lot more going on here than what the mainstream media is telling us.

  24. Ashlyn
    August 19, 2012

    ‘People say such disrespectful things about him, boo hoo hoo.’


    Really, what do you expect? This guy planned this for months, maybe years. Sorry, but I don’t think you really knew him, just his mask.

    As someone he almost blew up, who saw on his dating site websites that he knew it was wrong and he would go to jail, I have no sympathy for him. And absolutely I hope he gets death penalty.

    Also. I hope you don’t continue to feel guilty. Us shy people don’t need you checking up on us like a project, and unless you just have that good friend connection with someone, you can’t feel bad about that. Friends come and go. Please please please don’t feel guilty or in any way at fault. He did this himself, and for anyone else to feel any guilt for it… It’s a victory for him. He wins then.

  25. Anonymous
    August 25, 2012

    This post saddens me to the core because I believe this could’ve easily been any other person I’ve interacted with as well. I feel for everyone involved. I’m confused in it all. Unfortunately, I think this is a situation that could’ve been avoided and still he wasn’t strong enough on his own to pull out of this downward spiral. He could have been a positive asset. He had a lot going for him and could have had much to offer. Now he can not–he has crossed the line. I leave it up to our higher power to judge him. I believe there is a higher plan for everyone. It is not my right to judge his fate for death, heaven or hell, etc. It is human nature to judge, but for our own peace, I feel we must forgive and strive to become better towards ourselves and others.

  26. Anonymous
    September 5, 2012

    Thoughts are with the victims, their friends and families and James Holmes, his friends and family. Keep crying about this case. So sad.

  27. tom
    September 10, 2012

    Can the friend(s) of James identify the current suspect in custody as “James”? There has been a lot of speculation about his identity.

  28. Brighid
    September 11, 2012

    I keep crying about it as well. It’s sad either way. If he did do it, it does seem that he lost his grip on himself. All the anger and sadness he may have been keeping inside manifested into some horrible act that resulted in his demise as well as the demise of others. He may have lost everything in his present lifetime. What’s even scarier is that he could have been either framed or mind-controlled into doing this act. If so, what powers that be could have been behind it. The evidence and case itself does not make a lot of sense. There are so many missing pieces, BUT WHY?? My daughter or another loved one could have been there that night. I can’t bear to image that!!!

  29. visionarybee
    April 1, 2013

    Reblogged this on My Writings and Poetry and commented:
    Some, or many people, think theirs something fishy going on. I’ve had some new thoughts about this. It would be horrible if he, JH, was the victim of some kind of set-up.

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