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Celebrity Twins You Didn’t Know About! Elvis, Ashton Kutcher, and More!

Everyone born solo wishes they had a twin at some point in their life. This wish is either born from the need to always have someone by their side, or the desire to be mischievous. At least that’s what honest people would admit they wanted a twin for. However, most celebrities with twins don’t use their womb buddy for bad, and most….Well most go about without people ever knowing they shared the first 9 months of their lives in cramped living quarters with a roomie.

Here are a few celebs who you might not have known had a twin…


Known for her roles in Jumping the Broom and Why Did I Get Married?, Tasha Smith and her twin sister Sidra share a love for entertainment. While Tasha is onscreen, her sister is behind the scenes as a director and producer.


Scarlett Johansson is regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the business, but to her twin brother Hunter, she’s just one of his best friends.

The King Elvis Presley never got to know his twin Jesse Garon because he sadly passed away after birth.

vin diesel twinVin Diesel, yes Mr. Fast and Furious has a twin brother named Paul. Taking a wild guess and assuming they’re fraternal.

“Napoleon Dynamite” aka Jon Heder and his twin Daniel are a mirror image of one another.

ashton kutcher twin

Ashton Kutcher was very protective of his twin Michael growing up because he was born with cerebral palsy. Wonder if Ashton being named “Michael” on That 70’s Show had anything to do with his brother?


Malika Haqq is known in the Kardashian realm as one of Khloe’s best friends and one of Rob Kardashian’s hookups, but it might not be a well-known fact that she has a twin sister named Khadijah. Khadijah doesn’t hang with the Kardashians as much because she’s a mom and NFL wife married to Booby McCray.


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