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The Dark Knight Rises Shooter in Court

The Dark Knight Rises shooter, James Holmes, is looking at 12 counts of first degree murder after his first round in court Monday morning.

Holmes was held in solitary confinement since Friday after he was detained for the massacre that took place in Aurora, CO. 12 were left dead and 58 injured after Holmes went into a midnight screening of the summer Blockbuster, and opened fire.

This morning, the murderer appeared bizarre as he shuffled into court. His reddish-orange hair, red jumpsuit, and shackles made him look as weird as his behavior. As the judge spoke, Holmes seemed to doze off at times. Other times his eyes opened and closed a bit too much. Photos from the courtroom reveal Holmes is definitely a confused individual.

The Prosecutors have mentioned that the death penalty is definitely being considered for Holmes. This doesn’t seem unlikely since he did shoot and kill 12 people, one only six years old, who were simply trying to enjoy a movie. But with Holmes’ behavior and other things that have come to light…like his booby trapped home and the Batman mask found in his apartment, his defense might plead insanity.

Official charges will be dished out next Monday, while Prosecutors are saying that this might not go to trial for a year.


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One comment on “The Dark Knight Rises Shooter in Court

  1. Nicasio Martinez
    July 23, 2012

    Many of my friends are gun owners and some may be viewed as enthusiast’s. My take on the gun lovers of my birth country– there is no need, especially, for anything that smarts of a high-kill ratio anti-personnel gun or rifle. To celebrate a recent holiday season one guy came out of his house with his 45 cal. gun and fired several rounds up to the sky and out to sea. I was not impressed or relieved until he took that so-called home protection device back inside his home where it should stay at all times. I’ve owned guns in the past, but never produced or showed them to guests in my home. How I wish that the willfully indifferent and willfully ignorant gun owners would see the light. Common sense is in short order for to many gun owners. Many more will die in the USA, thanks to the legal purchase of assault typ weapons– even grenades– 😦

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