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Sofia Vergara Supposedly Engaged, Gives Charity For Her Birthday



Sofia Vergara celebrated the big 4-0 with a supposed engagement and giving back to the community.

The Modern Family beauty blew out 40 candles this weekend with her closest friends and family in Mexico. While there, people are saying that she could be walking down the aisle soon and a twitpic her friend, Fernando Fiore, posted from the evening might be proof. The photo showed Vergara toasting her night with a huge shiny rock on her left hand, on the wedding finger.


Source: Twitter

Neither Vergara or her boyfriend, Nick Loeb’s reps have confirmed or denied yet. The pair have been together since 2010 with a brief breakup in May, so it’s most likely they’re finally settling down, but again no confirmation.

What is for sure is Vergara’s big heart. She didn’t just get gifts, she gave for her big day as well. Vergara partnered up with giftiki to inform people about the Dreams without Borders organization. The non-profit, also known as Suenos Sin Fronteras raises awareness for Columbian orphans, and also provides the children with an annual trip to Disneyland, which Vergara has attended every year since 2006. Fans can help out with the cause on Vergara’s customized giftiki page.

She shows it’s near and dear to her heart saying, “I’m fortunate to have everything I need, so when people ask me what do I want for my birthday, I am happy to tell them that there’s a place they can go to contribute to Dreams Without Borders.”

So she may or may not have snagged a future husband for her birthday, but she was able to be the best humanitarian she could be as she rang in her 40 years! 


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