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Mickey Rooney Heads to Court, Still Claims Stepson Abused Him


Source: NBC-LA

Mickey Rooney heads to court. 

One of Hollywood’s most beloved actors should be enjoying his golden years relaxing on the golf course or spending time with his family, but things haven’t turned out that way for Mickey Rooney. The 91-year-old star is instead fighting for his rights in an L.A. court.

On Monday, Rooney appeared at a hearing in L.A. Superior Court concerning conservatorship issues. The actor accuses his stepson, Christopher Aber, and Aber’s wife, Christina, of abusing him verbally and emotionally as well as meddling in his financial affairs. Last year, Rooney placed a restraining order against the couple and appointed lawyer Michael Augustine as conservator of his estate. Augustine ordered that Aber relinquish all of Rooney’s identification info including his SAG card, state ID and passport.

The situation is complicated by the fact that Aber is the son of Rooney’s wife Jan Chamberlain, and she sides with her son in this dispute. Rooney has become an outspoken advocate for the elderly, and he testified to Congress in March 2011, saying: “Over the course of time, my daily life became… unbearable. I felt trapped, scared, used, frustrated and overall, when a man feels helpless, it’s terrible.”

Hopefully, this matter can be resolved in a way that will allow this movie icon to live out his last years in peace.


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