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Tony Parker Sues NYC Club for $20M Over Drake/Chris Brown Brawl

Tony Parker Sues


Tony Parker is not happy….

The headline-making brawl at a NYC nightclub that injured several people has spawned another lawsuit. NBA superstar Tony Parker is suing W.i.P. Nightclub for $20 million, saying Drake and Chris Brown should not have been allowed in the club on the same night.

Tony Parker was luckier than some patrons who got caught in the bottle-flying melee between Drake and Chris Brown’s posses last week, emerging with just lacerations to his cornea from broken glass. Still, any injury is serious when you’re a professional athlete, and if Parker’s vision had been affected, it could end his NBA career.

The San Antonio Spurs star has a lot at stake, since he’s in the middle of a $50 million contract with the team and is set to play on the French basketball squad in the summer Olympics.

On Thursday, Parker filed a lawsuit against W.I.P. Nightclub in NY State Superior Court, charging that the club’s management and security were negligent and could have prevented the brawl. Management is cited for being aware of “bad blood between Drake and Brown” but letting both in the club at the same time and continuing to serve members of their parties who were already “visibly intoxicated.”

It’s no secret that clubs love to have celebs seen in their establishments because it gets them free publicity, and some are willing to overlook bad behavior that would get mere mortals tossed out. Having two guys in the club who had both dated singer Rihanna and had clashed in the past over it is bad enough, but when you factor in two large entourages glaring at each other while trading insults, that’s a fight waiting to happen. Add a few bottles of champagne, and the situation explodes.

Could the club have done anything to avoid the bottle-tossing brawl? Possibly, but it seems that the owners did nothing at all to defuse a volatile situation.

Neither Drake nor Brown was named in the suit, but could be added later. So far, no charges have been filed in the incident, but the NYPD is still investigating.


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