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Halle Berry Forced to Fork Over $20,000 a Month to Ex

Halle Berry Child Support


Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry made a beautiful baby together, but their relationship turned ugly very quickly. Since the two split in 2010, they’ve been battling over custody of four-year-old Nahla, and now the actress has been ordered to pay her ex a fortune in child support.

It always seems sweet when a big star falls in love with someone not-so-famous, but when love goes bad, it’s the richer partner who winds up picking up the tab. A few years ago, it looked like Halle Berry had finally found true love with the sexy male model Aubry after several abusive relationships.

Unfortunately, the photogenic couple began to argue after the birth of their daughter and parted acrimoniously two years later. They’ve spent their time apart trading insults and court actions as they fought over how to raise their child.

Aubry recently filed legal documents requesting $15,000-20,000 a month in child support from Berry so he could give Nahla a proper home. He also asked the judge for more cash for clothes and travel. This week Aubry’s wishes were granted, and Berry was ordered by the judge to pay the 20 grand a month. 

As if being forced to finance your ex-boyfriend’s lifestyle to the tune of nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year isn’t bad enough, Berry is being driven out of the country by a pair of stalkers.

One, Richard Franco, was convicted of stalking the actress, but is already out of jail. The other, Robert Hoskins, is at large after escaping from a mental institution. No wonder she wants to flee the country!

Berry has filed a request in family court to move to France and take Nahla with her. She’s engaged to French actor Oliver Martinez and hopes to make a new home far away from her ex and her stalkers. Who could blame her?


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