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Amanda Leigh: Fresh Face in Music (RoniReports Exclusive!)

There’s a new face on the music scene, and she’s ready to take the industry by storm. Amanda Leigh, a 19-year-old Los Angeles native, just might give current pop and r&b stars a run for their money. Born in Detroit, but spent most of her life in LA, Amanda knew that her vocal skills and determination would someday be the gateway to her success. 

Not even old enough to purchase alcohol, Amanda has already accomplished things that most upcoming artists dream of. The talented teen was signed to a well known label while still in high school, and has already worked with some of the best in the business including Madd Scientist, Malay, and Ryan Toby. These producers all have created music for the likes of Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, John Legend, Chris Brown, and more. Amanda is definitely in the presence of greatness, and she’s ready to utilize all of the resources she’s been blessed with to take her singing career to unimaginable levels. 

We got a chance to chat with Amanda. Take a look at what the new star on the rise had to say: 

What was it like transitioning from singing Gospel in the church to singing urban pop music?
In a way I feel like it helped me a lot because when I was singing gospel I learned to have emotion and believe in what I was singing. I feel like my music wouldn’t be as real without me growing up singing in church.
Who inspires you? Why?

Everyone around me on a daily basis inspires me to go hard in one way or another. Everyone motivates me, and keeps me grounded but they push me to work hard for what I’ve always wanted. That’s inspiration in itself.

What type of music did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to Kem, Sade, Jill Scott and Earth, Wind and Fire when I was around my mom. when I was with my dad we listened to James Brown and Funk music. We used to ride to my school every morning listening to 15 min of Funk on the radio haha
How have you prepared yourself for stardom? Are you prepared to deal with all of the negative aspects of fame?
I’ve definitely been prepared to do music since I can remember. I knew it’s what I wanted and my parents would always assure me it wasn’t an easy career to choose. I’m aware and don’t care. And I am definitely prepared for all the negativity. I feel like being an up and coming artist I already started getting a little heat for working hard at a gift I’ve been given. People already see the fire in me and they hate, but it’s cool because that’s what makes me go even harder as well.
 What makes you stand out among all of the other aspiring singers?
I feel like I’m the all around youthful everyday LA girl, but I dance every night and I sing with passion because I’ve been through a lot of things that the average 19 year old hasn’t. I have this certain aura about me that you don’t see in a lot of girls my age. I live a different lifestyle and I feel it comes out in my videos and my music, even the way I dance. I’m sexy but I don’t focus all of my music on sex and I’m a rebel but I have substance. You don’t really get that in a lot of artists, its always either one or the other. Girls can relate to me because I don’t try to be the perfect girl. I’m just me and I wanna encourage all girls to be them as well and to just live freely with no regrets and no limits.
What is the biggest inspiration behind your music? Love? Pain? Happiness? Relationships?
I would say all of the above. Being a girl I have lots of different moods and they all inspire me. Sometimes I just wake up mad, or happy. It depends on the day. I can’t really say in general because I’m all over the place as far as emotions go…
 What drives you each day?
Being on an international tour performing for thousands of people and them going home listening to my music in their car. And buying my mom a house and paying my manager back all the money she has put into my project. Just living freely, and being able to buy myself and whoever I’m with a meal at any place I want. Food is really something that drives me, sadly. Lol
What is one of your major career goals? (A number one single? A number one album? A sold out show?)
Of course, I want number one single and albums. And even a sold out show, but most importantly, consistency. I want to be a consistent artist like Beyonce and Usher. They have  longevity. I want to be a household name and keep coming out with new hits back to back. No breaks until I’m married!!
What are your current relationships like?
My current relationships are what keep me grounded. I love everyone around me and I feel like I’m finally starting to appreciate everyone a lot more because now I get it! They don’t have to be here! But they are and I love them all for it!
Is there anything else you can see yourself doing besides singing?
No. Never. Music music music that’s what it’s always been and that’s what it always will be…Maybe a little acting down the line too! My mom always said I’m too dramatic not to act! Ahaha

Amanda’s latest single is entitled “Sweet Love”, and it’s a combination of “My Guy” by Mary Wells, and the original “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker. Check out the video below:


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