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Lindsay Lohan Lied to Cops After Car Accident

Lindsay Lohan Car Crash Lie

Trouble Just ALWAYS Finds me!!

Just when it looked like Lindsay Lohan might be staging a comeback, the errant actress has pulled another stunt that could land her in hot water—and maybe back in jail. TMZ is reporting that the former Disney kid told a big fat fib to the police.

When Lohan’s Porsche rammed into the back of a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway, she was rushed to a hospital where the actress later received a visit from the Santa Monica Police Dept. Lohan told the cops that her assistant was driving, but the assistant admitted that Lohan was actually the one behind the wheel.

Lying to the police is a major no-no for anyone, but for someone with Lohan’s history of legal problems, it could mean another trip to the slammer.

A charge of providing false information to a police officer could be considered a probation violation in her shoplifting case, which could ultimately result in jail time. Lohan has been on probation (or in jail) most of the last five years, since racking up a pair of DUIs back in the summer of 2007.

It’s doubtful that even Lohan’s highly-paid legal eagle Shawn Holley can convince a judge that her client was just “confused” after the accident, since witnesses on the scene observed both the actress and her assistant climbing out of the car on the passenger side. It looks as if Lohan came up with this lie pretty quickly. 

There could be even more trouble brewing in this case, as the driver hit by Lohan’s Porsche claims that just after the accident, the actress’s assistant tried to bribe him not to report the crash to the police. According to RadarOnline, trucker James Johnson filed for bankruptcy last year claiming $57,000 in debts and $80 in assets. Wonder if he’ll try to pick up some quick cash selling his story to the tabloids?

Lohan was back on the set of the TV movie “Liz and Dick” on Monday, looking no worse for wear—and arriving in a chauffeured ride. Playing movie icon Elizabeth Taylor is supposed to be Lohan’s big chance to get her career back on the right track, but she may have just blown it…once again.


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