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Basketball Wives Reunion Part 2: The Surprise Reconciliation

Basketball Wives Reunion 2


Basketball Wives Miami Reunion Part 2 debuted on Vh1 Monday night, and the drama continued to unfold.  Thanks to the ratchet-esque behavior and constant bullying, many fans, and even sponsors recently lost interest in the show. Surprisingly, even Shaunie O’Neal was seen second guessing her involvement in the last season, but thanks to a shocking reconciliation between two of the season’s biggest enemies, Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams, she may have changed her mind.

After the two reunited, Shaunie said: 

“I feel so much better now that this happened today, I never ever, ever would have imagined that we’d come in here today and it would be this simple, after how many talks and phone calls? I feel much better.”

Evelyn and Jennifer Make Up


So, what made Evelyn and Jennifer reconcile their friendship? Apparently all it took was a simple polygraph test.

During the show, host John Sally made Lozada and Williams answer a few questions while hooked up to a monitor. The results, although it seems that Jennifer is actually jealous of Evelyn’s relationship with her fiancé, Chad Ochocinco, she actually misses her friendship with the Puerto Rican diva…and Evelyn misses Jennifer.

The ladies ended the drama of lawsuits and calling each other bum b*tches, with a warm embrace filled with tears and sigh of relief.

Now that Vh1 has banned bullying and fighting from the show, will fans tune in to the fifth season…because there will in fact…be a fifth season. Will you be watching?? 


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