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Will Smith Returns to Rap, Makes ‘Summertime’ Remix


Will Smith has returned to rap! Well…kind of, sort of. We don’t think Smith’s making an album or anything, but the award winning actor is taking part in a new version of his classic single “Summertime”. I suppose it’s never too late for a remix, right? Smith is showing us something that many people have forgotten…what true hip-hop is…as opposed to music made just for dancing. Smith has teamed back up with Jazzy Jeff, who he started out with, and DJ Mick Boogie. 

“Here it is…a groove slightly trans-formed…just a bit of a break from the norm. Just a little something to break the monotony of all that hardcore dancing it’s  gotten to be…a little bit out of control…it’s cool to dance, but what about a groove that soothes and moves romance?Giving a soft subtle mix…and if it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix…it. And think of the summer’s of the past, adjust the base and let the alpine blast. Pop in my cd and let me run a rhyme and check out Jeff and Mick Boogie on this new version of summer time.

Check out Jeff and Mick Boogie on this new version of summer time.”

Head over to TMZ if you’d like to listen to a sample of the track. 

The original “Summertime” was the first single taken from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s fourth studio album. ‘Summertime’ topped charts in the US and the UK. The song was used in commercials, news programs, tv shows, and more. It was the rap duo’s most popular song, so it’s no wonder why they decided to remake it…even if it is 22 years later. 

Take a look at the originial ‘Summertime’ music video: 


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