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Charlie Sheen Goes Crazy on Security Guard


Charlie Sheen is at it again…

The LA Kings might be winning, but Charlie Sheen sure wasn’t at their Wednesday night game against the New Jersey Devils. The actor took out a lot of verbal frustration on a female security guard who wouldn’t let him back inside after he went out for a quick smoke.

You know what? F**king blow my balls, alright, you f**king asshole,”… Have common sense and common courtesy gone in society?

That’s the meat of what TMZ obtained when Sheen screamed at the guard who was just following the Staples Center rules. Sheen, who we can bet has been there before for Laker games, has to know the rules, right? Or was he going there during that whole crazed, “tiger blood” phase of his? Either way, his actions with one round of denied access was enough to make that guard never let him in if she had her way.

Once the spat was over, Sheen walked away into a sea of paparazzi eating it up. He kept running his mouth about the guard lacking common sense…yeah, she’s the one lacking it. Once Sheen had time to cool off he told TMZ the whole thing was “bad juju. (A) clash of the silly.”

But it seems Sheen was in a bad mood the whole night. When he was entering the game a fan asked if Sheen had ever tried the “zombie” drug, bath salts. Let’s just say Sheen wasn’t happy with that question because he responded ever so mad, “Would you ask me that at a f**king dinner party, you moron? … Go f**k yourself!”

Charlie had appeared calm and collected at the MTV Movie Awards just days before. Someone needs to check that guy’s mental health ASAP. Bottom line of the whole thing, what would Sheen’s brother Emilio think of him getting barred from a hockey game? Mighty Ducks anyone?


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