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Lil Wayne Cancels Nicki Minaj’s Performance After Diss From Hot 97


Nicki Minaj fans were left disappointed tonight when Lil Wayne cancelled her performance at New York’s Hot 97 Summerjam concert.

To say Wayne was pissed off would be an understatement when he heard the Hot 97 host, Peter Rosenberg, diss Minaj in saying, she better not perform that “wack ass Starships” track. An hour before Minaj was to take the stage, that diss sent Wayne into action. He not only cancelled Nicki’s involvement, but tweeted, “Young Money ain’t doing summer jam.”

Nicki’s tweet that followed the cancellation spoke volumes towards how Rosenberg completely messed up his station’s night…

Wow. U niggaz just fucked up history. But the President has spoken. #YMCMB.

The only way Wayne was going to let Nicki take the stage was if Rosenberg apologized. Last we checked fans didn’t get to see the Barb in action. This is sad for the people who paid for a full show and would’ve left fully satisfied since it was confirmed that Foxy Brown was set to be a surprise guest with Minaj.

What Rosenberg said was unprofessional. No matter what you personally think of an artist, you don’t publically disrespect them when they are invited guests to your event. But the Young Money family didn’t act too classy when it came down to it either.

Jae Millz, also part of the YM family, tweeted “Radio personality with NO personality… f— n—a!!! & u ain’t even black…” Umm  Jae Millz, how did race become apart of it? 

Nicki also tweeted: 

I go above and beyond for my fans. But won’t ever go against wayne’s word. What he says, goes.

In the end it was definitely the fans who were let down, and for that Rosenberg should feel bad. But if it were me, I would’ve went out there and proved him wrong by doing the best performance possible. 

Update: Nicki Minaj called into Hot 97 to discuss the no-show. Listen to the heated interview here!!


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6 comments on “Lil Wayne Cancels Nicki Minaj’s Performance After Diss From Hot 97

  1. Falen Teferri
    June 4, 2012

    Oh COME ON Wayne, you are IN an industry that thrives off of people dissing each other. I think he pulled a bit of a drama queen moment

    • ronireports
      June 5, 2012

      Right?! That was over-dramatic! He was just trying to make headlines! lol…it definitely worked.

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  4. Latoya mosely
    June 5, 2012

    Well if it were me wayne would of been mad at me cause I love what I do and my fans make me who I am so nikki u should of done what u do best make us proud ima fan to and wayne it is what it home boy was hating that means yall doing something right and u guys r so wayne chill out do smoke one for me I’ll see u guys soon keep ur heads up and keep ur eyes on the prize real talk

  5. bridget
    June 6, 2012

    Even if Wayne didn’t say that, I probably wouldn’t perform if I was Nicki. How are you going to dis a headliner artist on your show? I’m sure most of the revenues came from people who wanted to see Nicki. I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion but when your representing a company and your opinion is interfering with business you shut the fuck up. That was just unprofessional and straight disrespectful! And it wasn’t just Nicki who didn’t perform it was all of YMCMB.

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