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Floyd Mayweather Heads to Prison For Up To 87 Days


Justice has been served. Or at least we think.

Floyd Mayweather, a five-time world boxing champion, surrendered in a courtroom yesterday to begin his 90-day jail sentence for domestic violence. Mayweather was accused of attacking his girlfriend while two of their children watched, back in September 2010. Mayweather pleaded guilty in December to reduced domestic battery charges, which allowed him to avoid trial on felony charges that could have gotten him up to 34 years in prison.

Mayweather had been scheduled to begin his sentence in January, but the judge postponed his jail date for a fight match he had with Miguel Cotto on May 5th. I guess it was good that it was postponed because Floyd won.

His friend, rapper 50 Cent, commented on the case, saying,

He’ll be all right. It’s an uncomfortable situation for everyone. Everyone has a different version of the story. It’s no different than going through a divorce.

The judges seemed to be in his favor. Las Vegas Justice of the Peace, Melissa Saragosa, complimented the boxing legend on attending his weekly domestic violence counseling sessions regularly and meeting his service requirements as well.  The judge also credited Mayweather for three days previously served, capping his jail time at 87 days.  Saragosa also said that it could be reduced by several weeks for good behavior.

Hmm seems like the city of Las Vegas is all for Mayweather only spending a short time in prison. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the champ brings BIG bucks into the city each time he fights… 


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