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Brian McKnight Writes Another Explicit Song…Guess What It’s Called?


Brian McKnight is clearly feeling some sexual frustration. For the second time in months, the singer has written a song that not even adults 18 and older should be listening to…let’s keep these for the 21+.

Mcknight recently penned a new song, and this time you might have to see some racy photos before listening to it. The song was written for…a porn website…if you didn’t get that from the name. The song focuses on a particular sex position, and it might just be more raunchy than “If you’re ready to learn”, which went viral in April, shocking many, and even upsetting some fans.

The Youporn website actually assisted McKnight with making that song a hit, so in order to  thank them for that…Brian McKnight has written this new song entitled ‘Anal’…well wasn’t that nice of him?  

The song includes lyrics like these…

You wanna see some f**king anal, I can get you close enough to smell.

Seriously Brian…what has gotten into you? What ever happened to lyrics like these…

Maybe this is heaven sent, Maybe this could be as good as it gets, Maybe this is everything you need and more, Maybe all that I’ve been waiting for.

Were those not getting you enough sales? Or is it the attention you’re seeking? Whatever it is…it’s not the best look.

What do you think about McKnight’s new song selections?


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2 comments on “Brian McKnight Writes Another Explicit Song…Guess What It’s Called?

  1. Tiffany... "BEASTIN on BITCHES"
    June 2, 2012

    UGH!!!.. thats not sexy at all??…..????

  2. Larah
    June 2, 2012

    For a fan, it was hard enough to turn a blind eye to that P-song and take it as just a (bad,stupid and tasteless) „parody, haha” . But now a jingle for Youporn?! How much did they pay this exceptionally gifted artist so he would become a parody of himself. He criticizes the low bar in music and society nowadays – but goes even beneath it, making a fool outa himself for money. Hypocritical greed or just despair ..whatever it‘s based on: SOME caring friend there should please have a word with him!! It‘s so sad to watch this happen. If you have money probs, cut down your expenses, write soundtracks, or heck.. sing at weddings or whatever. But keep your dignity, man ! One of the greatest ever.. now Brian the Dirty Clown – that‘s pathetic

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