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Mary J. Blige Takes Blame for Charity’s Failure: “I Didn’t Have The Right People in the Right Places”


Mary J. Blige is going through her very own Growing Pains.

Blige‘s charity organization, the Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, is under fire after missing loan payments that they took out back in June 2011. Now, TD Bank is suing them to get its money back.

According to TMZ, Blige’s charity took out a $250,000 loan to cover expenses with the agreement to repay the debt in full by December 2011 and failed to do so…only paying back a meager $368.33. This mishap follows the organization’s neglect in filing federal tax returns for 2010, and to add insult to injury…the org is also being sued by musicians who claim that the charity failed to pay them promised wages after participating in a benefit.

When asked about what went wrong, Blige seemed to accept partial responsibility, replying:

As Founder and CEO of FFAWN, I am ultimately responsible for anything that goes wrong. The problem is that I didn’t have the right people in the right places, doing the right things.

However, Blige seems optimistic, promising that the bank will get its money and that the organization will be back on its feet.

FFAWN is not closing down and is working as quickly as possible with a new team of experts that includes a philanthropic consulting firm, a non-profit law firm and a forensic accountant. We’re working to get the Foundation back on track, rectify outstanding issues and make good on all of FFAWN’s obligations.

For the sake of the good cause of FFAWN, which is to inspire women to reach their full potential, we hope that the Grammy winner will get the charity back on track very soon.


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