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Elvis Presley’s Tomb to be Auctioned Off Starting at $100,000


Elvis Presley has a multitude of die-hard fans that would pay for anything the King of Rock ‘n Roll ever came close to. These strong supporters of Presley will soon take their fandom to another level when they attempt to purchase the tomb Presley was first buried in.

Yes, you read that correctly, the crypt Elvis Presley’s body was first laid to rest in, will soon belong to some average joe who is obsessed with the singer. However, who ever chooses to buy the tomb must have a few dollars in their bank account, as the tomb will be auctioned off starting at $100,000. 

The tomb was originally home to Presley and his mother Gladys for two months, but the two bodies were later moved to Graceland, Presley’s estate. Therefore, the lucky bidder will have the opportunity to be buried in this exact same tomb when they die. Oddly enough, the auction will take place in the perfect setting….the cemetery. 

The President of the auction, Darren Julien, told the NY Times

I just consider that if you’re an ultimate fan of Elvis Presley, it’s an opportunity. It’s definitely a conversation piece. Only one person can say, ‘Hey, I’m going to be buried where Elvis Presley was.

The auction will be held in Memphis, Tennessee in the mausoleum of the Forest Hill Cemetery at the end of June. Also included will be a robe worn by Amy Winehouse during her music video to the hit song “Rehab”, and a cigarette pack signed by the Beetles.

Safe to say fans will do anything to feel closer to their favorite celebs…but purchasing a tomb? Now that’s just strange…


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