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Teen Mom Amber Portwood to Serve 5 Years in Prison

Amber Portwood will be serving more time in jail than Weezy and T.I! Sheesh…those teen mom stars are out of control. To be a mom and a teen is already tough…but to be a convicted criminal…well that takes it to a whole other level. 

Amber Portwood, who has been in and out of jail countless times, has been convicted on two contempt-of-court charges. The now 22 year-old is choosing to serve out 5 years in prison rather than go to a rehabilitation center. Umm I’ve never in life heard of someone who chooses jail over rehab…I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Earlier this year, Amber was singing a different tune when she told the judge:

I have been doing pills for eight years, since I was 13, and since then I have never been drug free until I detoxed. I think about my daughter all the time and I did not really do that before, I always thought about when I was going to get more pills.

Not quite sure what made Amber suddenly change her mind. According to TMZ, she told the judge she’ll “always be a bad girl” and wants out of the program. Amber seems to care a lot less about all of this…in comparison to her ex-boyfriend and brother. Shawn Portwood told E! News:

Amber finally had enough. The system failed her, and that is all I can say. I really feel for my sister. She does not deserve to be there or anything that has happened to her. She is there because of who she is.

Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley tweeted:

Yeah just a really bad day so the good part about that tomr has a chance to be great.

In reply to Gary’s tweet, Jenelle Evans, who also became popular from MTV’s Teen Mom wrote:

@ItsGaryTime dont stress it Gary about amber. No offense but that was ambers choice not wanting to get clean and she could of done it. I did.

Jenelle, who told you to get involved? You should focus on staying out of news headlines yourself, before commenting on Amber’s situation.

Gee, these reality shows sure know how to breed troubled stars. 


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