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Kim Kardashian Steals Styles! Do They Look Better On Her?

Kim Kardashian needs to stop visually shopping around in the closets of other celebs. We’re not sure if it’s her stylist that eyes what someone has on, and suggests Kim wear it…or if Kim herself takes note of what one superstar looks good in…and chooses to wear the exact same thing months later.   Just take a look at all of her stolen styles…

Zoe Saldana wore this Balmain first last year in Miami to her Colombiana premiere. Joan Smalls and Alessandra Ambrosio both wore it to two different 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion events. Katy Perry popped out in all the right places in Paris at Karl Lagerfeld’s Hogan dinner. And just this year Kim sported it during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival while with her new beau, Kanye West.  Going to have to go with who rocked it first and declare Zoe the winner of the Balmain!

This Pucci dress was first worn by Gwyneth Paltrow last September to the Emmy Awards in LA. Kim decided to sport it eight months later this week in Cannes…Kim might’ve owned it though. 

Kim K. wore this get-up two months after the diva, Beyonce, rocked it. The battle of the curves is on! Leather jackets with leggings and lady combat style boots. For owning the look with a smile, we have to say Beyonce’s flash of pearly whites and dash of color with the blue makes her the winner of this one.

Kim Kardashian wore this houndstooth dress a couple months after Lady Gaga. You have to say Gaga really toned things down if Kim is wearing the same thing as her. Gaga paired her dress with matching accessories. So for going the extra mile, Gaga wins this fashion showdown.

Usually a fan of the curvier girls, but Hudson outshined Kim in this Herve Leger by Max Azria that she wore last year to a Pre-Grammy party. Sorry Kim, you just couldn’t pull it off when you wore it a few months later to Khloe’s birthday.

Eva Longoria wore this blue gown first at the Golden Nymph Awards…but Kim’s body made more jaws drop when she later attended the Golden Globes in it.

Jane Krakowski takes the cake for sporting this just one day before Kim at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Kim looked good in it at Clive Davis’ pre-award party, but not in a classy way. In the case of curves with this Antonio Berardi gown, it’s all about elegance.

For a model, Tyra Banks didn’t pull off this Rachel Roy better than Kim, even though she sported it a year before at the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Tyra looked like she was in an ill fitted toga, while Kim looked amazing at the Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Awards.

Jessica Simpson was channeling her Daisy Duke days as she paired them with a leopard-print Love Sam blouse only 10 days before Kim hailed a cab in hers. For making a whole sound outfit, Kim wins the cab and the fashion war.

Kim Kardashian can definitely dress, but she needs to find more never-bef0re-seen clothing. Most times she apparently just waits around for what’s hot and jumps on it. Just look at the sex tape. We all know which “my dad made a lot of money so I don’t have to get a real job” woman in Hollywood walked that path first.

*Sigh* No creativity whatsoever…


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