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Rob Kardashian Professes His Love for Girlfriend Rita Ora

Rita Ora has been rumored to date the brother in the famous reality tv clan, Rob Kardashian.

The two have often been seen leaving and arriving at the same events throughout  London where Rita currently resides. However, Rita and Rob have worked to keep the details of their relationship under wraps. The two go to extremes to avoid paparazzi attempts at taking photos of them. After a recent argument they had was caught on camera by the papz, Rob Kardashian went as far as chasing down the camera guy and reportedly threatened to kill him. This incident led to Rob’s arrest.

There’s clearly a reason why Rita and Rob have no desire to share their relationship details with the world….it could be because Kris Jenner is first trying to create a plan to make money from the relationship…or maybe because Rita’s manager/label head Jay-Z suggested against it…or it simply could be that they don’t want anyone in their business…

However, this past weekend, there was a slight change. Rita Ora celebrated her single R.I.P’s climb to number one! The celebration was held at London’s Markham Inn Restaurant, attended by family, friends, and of course Rob Kardashian. Rob was clearly excited about the event, Rita, and all of her success, because later that evening Rita tweeted ‘WERE OFFICIALLY NUMBER1!!!!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!! #RIPNUM1′

Rob then chimed in via twitter:

You did it. I love you and you’re my wife.

That’s MY baby! @RitaOra

I hate hoes.

But I LOVE MY WOMAN! I’m so proud of You!

That was adorable! Not sure where that “I hate ho*s” comment came from…probably some twitter followers bashing Rita…but nevertheless Rob’s nose is clearly wide open…


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