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“Fight Club”: Greatest Movies of All Time

Fight Club is definitely one of the ‘Greatest Films of All Time’. Everything about the film is awesome.  Ed Norton is perfectly cast as the narrator and he is one of the best in Hollywood at doing the monotone, sarcastic voiceovers that Fight Club requires. And, of course, Brad Pitt is amazing as Tyler Durton. He is equal parts terrifying, brilliant, thought-provoking, and funny. His character is twisted, but makes some interesting points.

That brings us to the writing which is also great.  The film is an adaptation of Chuck Palahnuik’s novel of the same title.  Jim Uhls wrote the script and it was his first produced feature!  It’s a very impressive debut.  He also was one of the writers on Jumper, though, which was not the strongest of scripts… strange.

Just because the acting and writing are good doesn’t make a film deserve to be on a “greatest of all time” list, but here is why Fight Club deserves to be on that list:  every time you watch it, you get something new out of it.  Whether it is a new way to think about Tyler Durton’s propaganda, or a subtle hint at the mind-blowing twist that you missed the first 20 times of watching the film…you always find something new.  And it’s impressive that one can still enjoy the film equally as much even after already knowing the twist.  

Most people have seen this film, but if you haven’t… DO IT TODAY!  You won’t be disappointed (unless you don’t have the money to buy it because then you will be disappointed that you want to buy it and don’t have the money).


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2 comments on ““Fight Club”: Greatest Movies of All Time

  1. Becky
    May 14, 2012

    Mann that movie was hella confusing!

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