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Stevie Wonder Accused of Incest and Victim of Extortion Plot


A man claiming to be Stevie Wonder’s illegitimate, incestuous son tried to get the music legend to pay him $5 million in hush hush money.

Alpha Lorenzo Walker, with the help of his girlfriend Eileen Diaz, went to Wonder and his camp with allegations that he was the product of a relationship Wonder once had with his own sister. TMZ reports the incest claims are completely false by the way, just in case you were wondering if there’s any truth to it. 

Walker and Diaz sought out a price tag of $5 million to keep the story under wraps and out of headlines. Once the deal was set for a lower sum of $10K, Wonder called authorities to plan a bust.

Undercover cops met with Walker and once his signature was inked on the papers, they arrested him. Today Walker and his girlfriend are sitting in a cell. They both have pleaded not guilty and are probably thinking they messed with the wrong icon.

Walker is living without bail, and his lady friend Diaz’s bail has been set at $95k. Something tells me they’ll be staying put.

I suppose they thought because Stevie Wonder is blind…he’s also just plain stupid. Walker and Diaz must have never stopped to think, what if Stevie Wonder never slept with his sister (like most people)…can’t we get in trouble for making up something completely false? Who knows what was going through their heads…but that’ll probably be the last time they pull a stunt like this. 


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