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The Avengers! Epic and Expensive, but is it worth it?


How else can you describe The Avengers other than “epic”?  Maybe “expensive” would work.  From the opening scene, you can see the film burning through its MASSIVE 220 million dollar budget with huge sets, tons of explosions, an inordinate amount of extras, glorious special effects, and (of course) the expensive cast.  That phrase “you get what you pay for” works with feature films, too, because those 220 million dollars paid for a very exciting film.

Almost all 142 minutes of the film are action packed and the story is pretty strong.  An evil demi-god gets control of the most powerful item in the world and plans to use it to bring his army to Earth in order to enslave the entire planet.  Oh yea, AND he is Thor’s brother (adding some emotional issues).  The Avengers have to come together, overcome their personal demons and petty differences, in order to save humanity.

The hard part of writing this kind of film is that there are so many “main” characters.  Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America have all had their own films, but they are mashed up into an ensemble cast in this one, along with other heavy-hitters Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Nick Fury.  Joss Whedon handles this issue by giving us enough of each one without ever taking the focus off the team.  While we’re on the subject, the ensemble cast is awesome!  Taking these lead actors and throwing them into one film could have been disastrous, but it just made for an amazing cast (of which Mark Ruffalo shines the brightest with his portrayal of Bruce Banner’s inner struggle).

The problems with this film are the same problems a lot of superhero films have.  First, there are some ridiculously cheesy one-liners.  It seems like you can’t really escape from them in superhero films, but some of them were glaringly cheesy and not as funny as they were supposed to be.  However, the comedy in the film is a very welcoming addition, as it gives us a break from the heavy action.  Another problem is that The Hulk and Thor don’t seem to have any weaknesses which makes the stakes seem lower.

Overall the film is a lot of fun and keeps your attention, but it may be a little too over-the-top for some.  Others might say it stands head and shoulders above many of the other superhero films that have recently come out (except Christopher Nolan’s Batman films)….But will it be on your list of all-time favorite movies? We highly doubt it. 

Oh yea, and Loki’s outfit is just ridiculous… in a bad way.  Yeah, yeah…it’s not just this film…but what’s up with the horns?  Just sayin’…


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I guess I will start with the boring stuff: I am 23 years old and a graduate of the University of South Carolina. I got good grades and all that, but that’s not what really matters. What you want to know is what I do. Well, I do a little bit of everything. Those who know me have probably seen my short films, read my scripts and short stories, laughed at my not-so-serious poetry, read my movie reviews, bought my graphic novel or even heard my rap songs (you have to know me really well before you get to hear those). Of all these roles I play, my favorites are writer, director, and editor. I have acted but there’s a reason why I want to be behind the camera. I believe that a film can change someone’s life and that’s what I plan to do. Whether I get rich and famous or not, I want to entertain and move people emotionally through the medium of film.

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