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Lebron James Talks with Jay-Z, Gives Present to Beyonce’s Nephew


Jay-Z and LeBron James had a hushed moment while making two fans dreams come true Monday night at the New Jersey Nets/Miami Heat game. Jay-Z and Beyonce attended the Madison Square Garden event at the start of this week with Beyonce’s nephew Daniel ‘Julez’ Smith Jr. and his dad Daniel Sr.

The family event took a Make-A-Wish turn when friends, Jay-Z and LeBron, each brought a fan to the court after The Heat took the win. The Jigga Man wasn’t a sore sport over his team’s loss, and welcomed LeBron with gratitude as the all-star brought along teammate Norris Cole to meet the rapper.  However, from the looks of the video, the interaction between Jay-Z and Cole wasn’t long…talk about a short meet and greet.

It was Beyonce’s nephew Jules who had everyone in the stadium jealous. A quick interaction between ‘friends’ earned Jules not only LeBron’s shoes from the winning game, but his sweatbands as well. If there happens to be an Uncle’s Day, Jay can expect to get the best card ever.

 Solange Knowles joined in on her son’s excitement, tweeting “Thank you @KingJames , for making Julez’s day, week, month… ect. He has a permanent smile:) Very, very kind of you.”

Watch the video below:

It’s not enough for Julez to have Beyonce as an aunt, and Jay-Z as an uncle, is it? He just has to have Lebron’s shoes too.

Can’t blame ’em, he’s a lucky kid, and that moment was absolutely adorable…to say the least. 


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