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FX series “Archer” gets picked up for a 4th Season

If you haven’t seen the FX series “Archer,” you are missing one of the best animated shows on television today.  It is uproariously funny and extremely sharp-witted with a fresh take on the espionage/spy genre.  It may not be as big as “Southpark” or “The Simpsons,” but it’s only in it’s third season… so give it a break!

“Archer” follows the goings on at ISIS, an American secret spy agency.  The drama goes well beyond the international intrigue of most spy shows; it also throws in office politics and relationship humor.  The star of the show, Sterling Archer (brilliantly voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is arguably the most talented super spy in the world and possibly the most vain man in the world.  His sarcastic wit and utter disregard for anyone other than himself are hilarious and, of course, lead him into some tricky situations.

Supporting this man-child are his fellow agent and ex-girlfriend Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler), accountant-turned-agent Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell), his overly dramatic mother (Jessica Walter), and a handful of other strikingly original characters.  The writing in this show does two things perfectly:  hits you with rapid fire jokes to keep you laughing throughout the whole episode, and blends the office politics with the international intrigue flawlessly.

“Archer” just finished it’s 3rd season which was the most watched season yet with the season 3 finale (aired on March 22, 2012) being the most watched episode of the series EVER.  As puts it, “Archer has officially graduated from cult hit, to cable hit.”  It was even nominated for an Emmy in 2010 for H. Jon Benjamin’s outstanding voiceover work.

With its audience growing, it’s no surprise that FX has ordered a fresh batch of 13 episodes for a 4th season.  Check out this show and watch it from the beginning… it is worth it, even if it’s just for the spectacular one-liners.

My favorite “Archer” moment is the RAMPAGE he goes on during the breast cancer fiasco.  What’s yours?!


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