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Celebrity Attention Whores-Stars Who Can’t Get Enough of Fame

You often will hear celebrities complain about having their life on display for the public to view at all times. Many have admitted that they did at one point have the desire to be well-known around the world, but now that they’ve been given a taste of that lifestyle, they would gladly trade it in. Some stars don’t seem to be too pleased with walking out of their homes and being greeted with cameras daily, being approached by fans when simply trying to enjoy a peaceful day, or having their personal business spread like mayonnaise throughout the millions of blogs on the net.

Some might say that’s the price you pay for living a lavish lifestyle and making millions of dollars doing what you love. Others tend to show more compassion, and feel that celebrities have the right to a normal life, and should be given privacy.

My questions is…which stars actually seek out attention…and which ones attempt to remain as far away from the limelight as possible?? Sure, there are some who simply want to do nothing more than showcase their talents, while still being treated as average human beings. However, one can only admit that there definitely are some who love having the paparazzi right on their necks. Which ones are they?? Here’s what we think: 

Definitely Rihanna! Crazy tweets, sexy music videos/performances, wild tattoos(such as the “thug life” on her fingers), and her recent collaboration with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown all deem Rihanna as an #AttentionWhore

Kim Kardashian! There’s not even a real need for an explanation on this one… From high-profile relationships, a fake wedding, non-stop public appearances…oh, and a reality show that follows her every move…I think it’s pretty evident that Kim K is definitely an #AttentionWhore

Lindsay Lohan. The sad part about this is…she probably doesn’t even do it on purpose. The former child star just somehow always ends up in front of the camera…whether it’s from partying…violating probation…theft…drug use…the list can go on. Subconsciously, Ms. Lohan refuses to live a life without cameras in her face…she might as well do reality tv. Lindsay is certainly an #AttentionWhore

Mr. Brown. Although he has refrained from doing interviews…the superstar singer still somehow finds his way into the news. It could be from twitter outbursts….random reunions with high-profile exes…or even snatching cell phones from innocent fans. Chris Brown can definitely be categorized as an #AttentionWHORE

Kanye West! Although, the rapper-turned-designer tries to make it appear as if he’s staying under the radar…he clearly CRAVES attention. From random twitter rants…to inflammatory song lyrics(i.e. Tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor)….to go-karting at a Paris fashion show after party….to his new relationship with Kim Kardashian….I think it’s definitely safe to classify Kanye as an #AttentionWhore

These clearly aren’t the only attention whores in the industry….who would you vote??


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2 comments on “Celebrity Attention Whores-Stars Who Can’t Get Enough of Fame

  1. Becca
    April 12, 2012

    Rick Ross and 50 cent! .. andYG n DRAKE!

  2. Jenelle
    April 13, 2012

    Lmao at YG! He’s just a goon not an attention whore. Drake just doesn’t know if he likes fame and the hoes or if he wants a normal life. He’s going through an identity crisis and of course the paparazzi and his music of capture it all.

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