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Miley Cyrus Visits Medical Marijuana Dispensary (In-Depth on Miley)

Once a good girl goes bad…

Miley Cyrus has completely grown up, and she’s subliminally letting the world know that she’s no longer that little cute teenager on the Disney channel, that the kids used to adore. She’s actually been letting everyone know for a while now, but it seems that people are just starting to accept it. What other choice does anyone have? I mean, she tried to play the innocent little girl role for as long as she could. Apologizing when racy photos would surface, declaring virginity until marriage…you know, the usual.

But Miley officially shocked the world when she released the “Who Owns My Heart” music video, where she wore a tank top and underwear, plus got a little raunchy while dancing in the club.  The Parent’s Council went bananas, claiming that she was sending the wrong message to her fan base of young girls. By then, I think Miley was tired of apologizing. There had been so many times in the past that parents and others alike, complained about what she did. When she was in photos “kissing”, caught giving a lap dance, dancing on a pole while performing, wearing “provocative” clothing, etc….everything led to a complaint, which then led to an apology from her.

Now I think, Miley is just plain fed up. When she was caught on video smoking out of a bong, Miley didn’t apologize. She simply claimed it was salvia, and not marijuana. When she announced at her birthday party that she was a stoner…Miley didn’t apologize, she simply said it was a joke. When she bought her boyfriend a cake with a p**is on it for his birthday, Miley didn’t apologize…she actually took pictures next to the cake with her mouth open. Miley has 12 tattoos and counting, which she hasn’t apologized for…and today Miley was spotted leaving a medical marijuana dispensary….do you think she will apologize? I think not. Once a good girl goes bad, she’s gone forever.


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