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Iphone 4(S)

By: Jon White

As I’m sure you all know, on Tuesday October 4th Apple unveiled their upcoming iphone, and on Friday October 14th, the new phone was released. Only problem was the phone was far from new. The phone we all waited for with such hype and anticipation was nothing more than an improved IPhone4 (No really, it looks like the same IPhone4 I’ve been texting on for almost a year now). Only difference between Apple’s last release, the IPhone4, and the new release is the letter, “S”. When Apple announced on Tuesday morning that they were going to release an IPhone4S many of us were disappointed, hoping to see a newer version of the IPhone, preferably the IPhone 5 but we were let down.

The only real differences between the phones are an A5 chip processor, that was used to build the IPad2, and an improved 8-megapixel camera. The IPhone4S does also feature a new “humble and personal assistant known as “Siri”, which is a voice controlled system that has the ability to perform task so that the phone user can drive and send emails or text at the same time hands free, which is pretty cool. However, the phone isn’t striking enough for original IPhone4 customers to purchase.  Don’t get me wrong, the IPhone4S is faster than the IPhone4, the camera quality is better as well, but other than that the phones are almost the same. But with a software download of iOS5, IPhone4 users phones are almost the exact same as the IPhone4s. If the phoneswere standing next to each other, you couldn’t even tell which one is which.

However,  Apple still made profits, the IPhone4S is available on a new carrier, Sprint, which will bring plenty of new customers and there still are the individuals who have been waiting to get out of their contracts with other phone companies. There are also the customers who never upgraded to the IPhone4 and still have the IPhone3G or 3GS, and last but never forgotten the people who will just buy anything new (got to love those consumers).  The IPhone4S is available on AT&T, Verizon, and now Sprint. Was this or will this be a purchase for you? If you have Sprint, then yes, I understand, make your purchase.  If you still have a 3G or 3GS, then yes, go ahead and upgrade yourself like Beyonce. However, if you already own an IPhone 4, my advice “Don’t waste your time, download iOS5 and wait for next version of the IPhone. -Smack


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