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J. Lo’s honeymoon sex tape.

For years we have heard rumors of a secret sex tape between Jennifer Lopez and her first husband Ojani Noa.

Lopez and Noa were married for a little less than a year, but they have had an ongoing battle ever since. In 2002, Lopez hired Noa to be the manager of her restaurant Madre’s in Pasadena, but he was fired a few months later. He then tried to sue her because of this, but they settled out of court, drawing up a confidentiality agreement. Lopez had to sue Noa after this more than once, because he attempted to break the agreement by trying to write a book, and put out a short film, revealing deep secrets about their marriage.

It’s clear that this man is after the green, the deniro, the mula, the almighty dollar!  

He is now very close to signing a deal with a major porn company releasing the sex tape footage for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars! Can you say jerk??

The footage is from their honeymoon, and is said to include about 20 minutes of Lopez nude.

I first heard about this a couple of years ago when J.Lo was a guest on Big Boy’s radio show. Look what she had to say about it:

Listen at the 1 minute mark:

Lopez says-“He is such an (***) You know what, for me, people like that…their worst thing is that they have to live with themselves, you know what I’m saying, it’s like, I don’t even bother with it.”

…I believe what happens between a husband and wife should REMAIN between them…this guy disgusts me.


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