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Jersey Shore does NOT belong in Florence!

As someone who lived there for four months, I am very offended by the fact that Jersey Shore will be taped in Florence, Italy. Like WHY Florence? This city was the HEART of the Renaissance. It holds the most amazing history, that dates back further than even the existence of the U.S.

Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and several other great artists are ALL from Florence. The Duomo that sits in the middle of the city has been standing there for more than five centuries. I can’t even begin to describe all of the history to you. So why??? I really want to know why Jersey Shore is filming there??

It’s a mystery to everyone, BUT  the good thing is…the mayor of the beautiful city, Matteo Renzi, has set some strict guidelines that the show must follow:

-The cast will not be filmed in bars and clubs that serve alcohol.

-The cast will not be filmed drinking in public.

-The show will not be filmed to promote Florence as a drinking town.

-The show should be filmed in a manner to promote Italy (not Americans visiting Italy) and feature it’s culture and good food

-Renzi even banned the show from filming in the city’s historic buildings, but admitted that he “could not ban them from using the city (Florence) as a set.”

The horrible thing is, the Florentines already view American tourists as drunken fools, and this show won’t make it any better. I’m almost positive that all the cast will do is get drunk at home, and head to the club. Simple. The cast is set to go there May 9th.


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